New DHUCP project-the Construction of studying-abroad Base for Russian

As the world in a highly volatile situation, Chinese President Xi Jinping had visited Russia to meet President Putin and jointly announced the establishment of a future-oriented partnership between China and Russia. Ruiyi Education Xie Ou, general manager and deputy general manager Lin Ying , visited Heihe University in Heilongjiang Province on April 13.

The meeting was held between the delegates of Ruiyi with Vice President Xie Hui and Dean Qiu Min and other leaders of Heihe University to jointly build the Project for studying abroad in Russia. Both parties reached a consensus on the future selection of students, the study of Russian language, and the development of preparatory courses, etc.

This cooperation will provide more options for graduates of the DHUCP to pursue their higher education goals and will also serve the high-quality employment of the cooperative universities. Specific information of the project will be released soon in the future.