Data@China Hundred Universities Project (DCHUP)

In 2016, under the specific guidance of the “School Planning, Construction and Development Center” of the Ministry of Education of China, the Sugon Ruiyi Education Cooperation Center initiated and implemented the “Data@China Hundred Universities Project”, (DCHUP) which aims at selecting 100 colleges or universities throughout China and establishing therein the Sugon Big Data and Artificial Intelligence (AI) Application Innovation Centres, that integrate talent cultivation, scientific research support, industrial applications, and social services through establishing “Sugon Big Data and AI Academy” and building “Big Data and AI Application Collaborative Innovation Network”. DCHUP focuses on the combination of key Big Data and AI technologies and key national industry applications.


·      ●   Propel the reform of the talent training model in colleges and universities.

·      ●    Promote colleges and universities to enter the technological innovation system.

·      ●   Enhance the capabilities of colleges and universities in assisting local industries strategy implementation in big data and internet plus.

·      ●   Encourage colleges and universities to seize every opportunity which might give a hand to the development of emerging industries.

·      ●   Encourage mass entrepreneurship and innovation in colleges and universities.

To Realize

By connecting 100 “Sugon Ruiyi Big Data Colleges” and 100 “Big Data Application Innovation Centres” through the internet, DCHUP will realize

·      ●   Sharing and exchange of hardware resources and industry application innovations,

·      ●   Bring the superiorities of computer resources, data resources and industry application into full play,

·      ●   Enhance technical innovation and application abilities,

·      Build ultimately a “super platform for big data application”, to popularize big data thinking and technology in various industries, and promote the ecological development of big data industry in China. 

To date, the number of colleges or universities which have been selected throughout China is over 70, and more than 30 Big Data and AI Academies have been established where teaching and research innovation work have already begun. In order to achieve the goal of 100 universities in China and the achievement of DCHUP objectives within 3 years, two Project offices have been established in Shenzhen and Beijing with expert staff of about 50 in each office.