Invitation Letter

Dear Sir / Madam,

We would like to invite your university to join the Digital @ B&R Double Hundred Universities Cooperation Program.

The “Data@China the Hundred Universities Project”, (DCHUP), and the Academy of Engineering and Technology of the Developing World ( AETDEW) entered into a collaboration to promote the Digital@ B&R Double Hundred Universities Cooperation Program, by signing the MOU on 28 July 2018.

Both parties are committed to jointly promote the following cooperation agenda:
1. Explore a mechanism for communication and exchange between 100 member universities of DCHUP in China and 100 universities and professional training institutions in other B&R countries, within the framework of the Belt & Road Initiative.
2. Select qualified universities in DCHUP to establish AETDEW training hubs in China to provide human resources development and training services that are in demand in B&R countries, with focus on the combination of key big data and AI technologies and key national industry applications; and to establish a global digital technology training network with training hubs in other B&R countries.
3. Both parties work together to rally policy or financial support from the Chinese government to promote the economic, cultural, and educational exchange activities of the B&R Initiative; and assist AETDEW through South-South Cooperation in helping developing countries achieve the UN SDGs by promoting progress in engineering and scientific and technological innovation in developing countries.

Any university/college which is interested in the cultural and educational exchange based on the B&R Initiative, and willing to join the Digital@ B&R Double Hundred Universities Cooperation Program, is welcomed to submit the project application.

Please fill out the following application form and send it to . Any queries can also be addressed to us.

Please mail the application form to the address below:
Room 13D, Block B, Honglong Century Plaza, Luohu District, Shenzhen, 518001, China.
B&R Double-Hundred Plan China Promotion Office
Email address:

With a duplicate copy to AETDEW Secretariat, C/O ISTIC
902-4 Jalan Tun Ismail, 50480 Kuala Lumpur Malaysia
Attention : Academician Dato Ir. Lee Yee Cheong
Email Address:
Mobile No: 60122873909

Thank you for your attention.
Digital@B&R Double-Hundred Plan China Promotion Office