F. AETDEW EWE HONG TAT’s visit of Xiaomi

Dr. Ewe Hong Tat, the Fellow of AETDEW,the President of AAET and UTAR, visited Xiaomi Corporation.

On November 1st, accompanied by Mr. Xie Ou, President Ewe Hong Tat visited Xiaomi Corporation in Beijing and had a friendly conversation with Mr. Zhou Yujia, the Secretary-General of Technical Committee, Xiaomi Corporation.

Secretary-General Zhou firstly introduced the role of Technical Committee in Xiaomi. The Technical Committee is a unique management department within Xiaomi Corporation that oversees all systems. It reports directly to Mr.Lei Jun, the board director of Xiaomi, The committee has more than 1000 staffs.

Mr.Yong, the Director of Xiaomi, introduced the history and development of Xiaomi, as well as the current market share. Among them, Malaysia has always been one of Xiaomi’s largest overseas market. He also discussed the concept and planning of Xiaomi Education, as well as the cooperation with domestic universities and the academic activities, e.g. the competitions held by Xiaomi for college students.

Secretary Zhou gave a detailed and splendid introduction to Xiaomi’s laboratory products, covering the original idea of the lab products, the implementation of functions and the design details.

President Ewe Hong Tat introduced the Universiti Tunku Abdul Rahman (UTAR) and its mission, as well as the efforts made by UTAR in supporting social and technical education in Malaysia.

Both parties discussed the potential collaboration between Xiaomi and UTAR, and reached consensus.

Xiaomi expressed its strong willingness to sign MOU with AAET and AETDEW, and both parties agreed to hold a MOU signing ceremony at the end of this year or early next year during the Xiaomi joint community establishment conference.

After the meeting, accompanied by Director Yong, President Ewe Hong Tat visited Xiaomi’s product exhibition hall and smart home experience center.