President Dato’Lee Yee Cheong visited Xiaomi Corporation

On the morning of August 18, 2023, Dato’Lee Yee Cheong, accompanied by Xie Ou, visited the headquarters of Xiaomi Corporation located in Haidian District, Beijing. Director Yong Deyu from Xiaomi ,warmly received Dato’Lee Yee Cheong and provided a detailed introduction on the overall situation and business development of Xiaomi, as well as the educational products offered by Xiaomi in the industry.

Both parties exchanged views on future cooperation between Xiaomi’s overseas education business and the DHUCP, as well as cooperation with UNESCO. Dato’Lee Yee Cheong highly praised Xiaomi’s development and expressed great interest and recognition for their research in exoskeleton technology. In addition,Dato’Lee Yee Cheong extended an invitation to Director Yong, hoping that he would visit to Malaysia.