The Academy of Engineering and Technology of the Developing World (AETDEW)

At the turn of this Century, the United Nations adopted the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) 2001-2015, to lift the world out of poverty. Building on the success of the MDGs, the United Nations adopted in September 2015 a further 15-year global action plan (2016-2030) focused on the 17 UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) to achieve the sustainable development of developing countries. The achievements of the UN MDGs were in no small measure due to the development model of Asia Pacific of building inclusive infrastructure and nurturing indigenous small and medium enterprises (SMEs) in manufacturing and services sectors. The leaders were the four Asian Tiger economies, followed by other ASEAN nations and China.

In 2005, the Group of G77 and China held the 2nd Summit in Doha and urged UNESCO to enhance engineering and technological human and institutional capacity in developing countries. As a result, the UNESCO International Science, Technology and Innovation Centre for South-South Cooperation (ISTIC) was launched in May 2008 in Kuala Lumpur. ISTIC was hosted by Malaysia as her contribution to assist sustainable development of sister developing countries through science, technology and innovation.

As the achievement of the inclusive SDGs would require greater collaborative efforts by South countries through South-South Cooperation, ISTIC in 2015 proposed the formation of the Academy of Engineering and Technology of the Developing World (AETDEW) to mobilise the engineering, technological and scientific communities in government, industry, academia and civil societal organisations of G77 nations to help them achieve the UN SDGs based on the SDG premise “Leave No One Behind”. AETDEW was registered in Malaysia and launched in Kuala Lumpur in May 2017.

Currently AEDTEW membership includes 4 Honorary Fellows, 178 Fellows from G77 countries and 8 Foreign Fellows from OECD countries.

AETDEW primary focus is to enhance the indigenous engineering and technological human and institutional capacities of G77 nations through the Belt and Road Initiative that has been embraced by nearly the whole of the developing world.

List of Members as at September 2018
nationality name Status/Designation Fellow Status
 width= Lee Yee Cheong Hon. Chair ISTIC Governing Board/Past President World Federation of Engineering Organisation (WFEO)/ASM Senior Fellow President
Ameenah GuribFakim President of Mauritius 2015-2018 Honorary Fellow
HRH Princess Sumayyah bint El Hassan President of Royal Scientific Society Jordan  Honorary Fellow
Irina Bokova Former UNESCO Director General, UNESCO Paris Honorary Fellow
Jeffrey Cheah AO  Chairman, Sunway Group Malaysia  Honorary Fellow
  Gong Ke (China)  WFEO President Elect New Appointed Fellow07052018
Han Liqun (China)  Senior Professor, Beijing Technology and Business University  Fellow
Han Qunli (China)  Former Director, Man and the Biosphere, UNESCO  Fellow
John Li (Taiwan, China)  FEIAP President  Fellow
Liu Xila (China)  Former WFEO Executive Council member  Fellow
Mu Rongping (China) ISTIC Governing Board member/Director General, Institute of Policy and Management,Chinese Academy Fellow
Pua K S (Taiwan, China) President, Phison Corporation  Fellow
Qian Yi (China)  Professor of Environment Engineering Tsinghua University/ former WFEO Vice President/Fellow, Chinese Academy of Engineering Fellow
Shao Fengjing (China)  Vice President Qingdao University & Dean of Big DATA Technology and Smart City Research Fellow
Shi Zhumei (China) Former Executive Councilor, Chinese Association for International Education Exchange New Appointed Fellow 7052018
Teresa Poon (Hong Kong, China) Associate Professor, Open University Hong Kong Fellow
Wu Qidi (China) ISTIC Governing Board member/former Deputy Minister of Education, China  Fellow
Xiao Geng (Hong Kong, China) Professor Practice in Finance and Public Policy, University of Hong Kong,  Fellow
Xie Ou (China) CEO, Sugon Ruiyi Education Group, China Fellow
Xu Gaoshan (China)  CEO, ZTE Education Valley Company, China Fellow
Xue Lan (China) Dean, School of Public Policy and Management, Tsinghua University Fellow
Yan Chun Hua (China)  Former ISTIC STI Advisory Council member/Professor of Chemistry, Beijing University/Fellow, Chinese Academy of Sciences Fellow
Zhao Shuying (China) Professor of Northeast University, China/Dean of Intelligence Systems Institute Fellow
Zhong Yi Xin (China) Former ISTIC STI Advisory Council member/former WFEO Vice President Fellow
Daya Reddy (South Africa)  President Elect ICSU/President, Academy of Sciences, South Africa  Fellow
John Mugabe (South Africa)  Professor, University of Pretoria, South Africa New Appointed Fellow 7052018
Tolullah Oni (South Africa)  Co-Chair, Global Young Academy New Appointed Fellow 7052019
Tshilidzi Marwala (South Africa)  Deputy Vice Chancellor for Research and Internationalisation, University of Johnanesburg Fellow
Carlos Gonzalez Mingueza (Peru) Former President, College of Engineers Peru  Fellow
Maria Giselle Orjeda (Peru) ISTIC Governing Board member/President, National Council of Science, Technology and Technologic Fellow
Peregrina Morgan Lora (Peru) President, National System of Evaluation, Accreditation and Certification (SINEACE) Peru Fellow
Abubaker Khair (Sudan)  Founder and chairman, Future University Sudan  Fellow
Mohamed Hassan (Sudan)  ISTIC Governing Board member/former President, United Nations University Council  Fellow
Mustafa El Tayeb (Sudan)  ISTIC Governing Board member/President, Future University Sudan  Fellow
Nadia Mahmoud Abderrahman (Sudan) Executive Director, Sudan Engineering Council  Fellow
Suoad Abdelrazzak (Sudan) ISTIC Governing Board member/former Federal Minister of Education, Sudan Fellow
Abeer Arafa (Jordan) Director of External Relations, Royal Scientific Society Jordan New Appointed Fellow 7052018
Moneef Zou’bi (Jordan) ISTIC STI Advisory Council member/Executive Director, Islamic World Academy of Sciences Fellow
Rana Dajani (Jordan) ISTIC Governing Board member/Founder of “Love to Read”  Fellow
Raslan Ahmad (Jordan) Senior Vice President, MIGHT Fellow Fellow
Amal Amin (Egypt) founder Council member Islamic Young Academy of Sciences  Fellow
Maged Al-Sherbiny (Egypt) former ISTIC Governing Board member/former Deputy Minister of Science and Technology Egypt Fellow
Sameh Sorror (Egypt)  Former Co-Chair, Global Young Academy Fellow
Tarek Shawki (Egypt)  Dean School of Sciences and Engineering, American University Cairol  Fellow
Arun Kulshreshtha (India)  ISTIC STI Advisory Council member/ Excecutive Director, NAM S&T Centre Fellow
Arvind Poothia (India) Former ISTIC STI Advisory Council member/Former General, Institution of Engineers (India) Fellow
Bhaskar Ramamurthi (India)  Director, Indian Institute of Technology, Madras  Fellow
Kris Gopalakrishnan (India)  ISTIC Governing Baord member/co-founder of Infosys  Fellow
Manoj Kumar Patairiya (India) Director of the CSIR-National Institute of Science Communication and Information Resources, New Delhi Fellow
Muralikrishna Reddy (India)  Past President, Institution of Engineers (India)  Fellow
Aphiya Hathayatham (Thailand) Deputy Director, National Science Museum Thailand  Fellow
Orakanoke Phanraksa (Thailand) Former Co-Chair, Global Young Academy  Fellow
Pichet Durongkaveroj (Thailand)  ISTIC Governing Board member/former Minister of Science and Technology Thailand  Fellow
Aung Myint (Myanmar)  Vice President Myanmar Engineering Council / President, Myanmar Engineering Society New Appointed Fellow 7052018
Charlie Than (Myanmar)  AAET Fellow/President Myanmar Engineering Council  Fellow
Cho Win Maw (Myanmar) Vice President, Myanmar Engineering Council / Vice President, Myanmar Engineering Society New Appointed Fellow 7052018
Han Zaw (Myanmar) Union Minister, Ministry of Construction / Patron, Myanmar Engineering Council/PastPresident, Myanmar Engineering Society, Myanmar New Appointed Fellow 7052018
Khin Ni Ni Thein (Myanmar) Founder & President, Water Research & Training Centre,  New Appointed Fellow 7052018
Sein Myint (Myanmar) ISTIC Governing Board member/Vice President AAET/Chairman Supreme Corporation Myanmar Fellow
Tin Maung Win (Myanmar)  Chairman, Pyithu Hluttaw (Transport / Communication & Construction Committee) /Patron, Myanmar Engineering Council/Past President, Myanmar Engineering Society, New Appointed Fellow 7052018
U Nyan Tun U (Myanmar)  AAET Fellow/State Minister of Electric Power, Myanmar Fellow
U Win Khaing (Myanmar)  AAET Fellow/Federal Minister of Construction  Fellow
Calestous Juma (Kenya) (deceased) Former ISTIC STI ADVISORY Council member/Professor, JFK School, Harvard University Fellow
Crispus Kiamba (Kenya) Former ISTIC Governing Board member/former Secretary General, Ministry of Higher Education, Science Fellow
Judi Wakhugu (Kenya)  Former Cabinet Secretary for Environment and Regional Development Kenya  Fellow
Julius Muia (Kenya) Principal Secretary, State Department for Planning; the National Treasury and Ministry of Planning, Republic of Kenya New Appointed Fellow 7052018
Nicholas Musuni (Kenya)  Registrar, Engineers Board of Kenya  Fellow
Samuel Mwamburi Mwale (Kenya) CEO Farasi Strategy Advisors Ltd/former Permanent Secretary, President’s Office Kenya  Fellow
Vimal Shah (Kenya) CEO Bidco Africa Kenya Fellow
Wanjau D.M. (Kenya)  Chair Engineers Board of Kenya Fellow
Athar Osama (Pakistan) Member, Pakistan Planning Commission Fellow
Bhawani Shankar Chowdhry(Pakistan) Distinguished National Professor, Meritorious Professor (BPS 22) and Dean, Mehran University of Engineering & Technology, Jamshoro, Pakistan New Appointed Fellow 07052018
Manzoor Soomro (Pakistan)  ISTIC Governing Board member/President, ECO Science Foundation  Fellow
Naim STK (Pakistan) ISTIC STI Advisory Council member/consultant, COMSTECH  Fellow
Sameera Arshad (Pakistan) Founding Council member, Islamic Young Academy of Sciences  Fellow
Shahbaz Khan (Pakistan) Director, UNESCO Regional Science Bureau for Asia and the Pacific, Jakarta Fellow
Tasneem Anwar (Pakistan)  Assistant Professor, Aga Khan University’s Institute for Educational Development,Karachi, Pakistan New Appointed Fellow 7052018
Amina Mohammed (Nigeria)  former ISTIC Governing Board member/Deputy UN Sen-Gen  Fellow
Jummai Umar-Ajijola (Nigeria)  ISTIC STI Advisory Council member/CEO Business People Nigeria Ltd Fellow
Kashim A. Ali (Nigeria) ISTIC Governing Board member/President, Council for the Regulation of Engineering Nigeria (COREN) Fellow
Valerie Ifueko (Nigeria) WFEO Vice President  New Appointed Fellow 7052018
Alberto Benitez Reynoso (Bolivia) Fellow API/President, Society of Engineers Bolivia  Fellow
Arturo J.J. Dubravcic Alaiza (Bolivia) Fellow API/Past President, Society of Engineers Bolivia  Fellow
Ainun Naim (Indonesia) ISTIC Governing Board member/Secretary General, Ministry of Higher Education Indonesia Fellow
Bobby Gafur Umar (Indonesia)  President Bakri Bros Inc/former President, Institution of Engineers Indonesia  Fellow
Heru Dewanto (Indonesia)  AAET Vice President  Fellow
Indarjani (Indonesia)  Deputy Director, SEOMEO QITEP in Science Fellow
Pandri Prabono (Indonesia) AAET Fellow/former President Institution of Engineers Indonesia  Fellow
Tikki Elka Pangestu (Indonesia) Former Director of Research, World Health Organisation  Fellow
Chuah Hean Teik (Malaysia)  AAET President/ASM Senior Fellow  Fellow
David Lai Kong Phooi (Malaysia)  President, Institution of Engineers Malaysia New Appointed Fellow 7052018
David Oh Seong Keat (Malaysia)  Entrepreneur & Business Owner, 1001 Inventions Malaysia New Appointed Fellow 7052018
Goh Peng Ooi (Malaysia)  CEO Silverlake Corporation/AAET Fellow/ASM Fellow  Fellow
Halimaton Hamdan (Malaysia) ASM Senior Fellow/Member, National Science Council Malaysia/Professor of Chemistry,University Fellow
Hazami Habib (Malaysia)  ASM Executive Director  Fellow
Hazlina Selamat (Malaysia)  Director, Centre for Artificial Intelligence and Robotics (CAIRO) UTM, Malaysia New Appointed Fellow 7052018
Hong Lee Pee (Malaysia)  ISTIC STI Advisory Council member/ASM Senior Fellow/Past AAET President  Fellow
K L Tan (Malaysia)  Senior Group Managing Director,, Sunway Corporation  Fellow
Khair Mohamad Yusof (Malaysia)  Former Director General, Ministry of Education Malaysia  Fellow
Khairiyah Mohd Yusof (Malaysia)  Director, Centre for Engineering Education, University Technology Malaysia  Fellow
Kua Abun (Malaysia)  Deputy Secretary General, Ministry of Science Technology and Innovation Malaysia Fellow
Lee Sze Wie (Malaysia)  AAET Secretary General  Fellow
Liong Mintze (Malaysia)  Deputy Chair ASM Young Scientists Network  Fellow
Looi Lai Meng (Malaysia)  ASM Senior Fellow/former Co-Chair Inter Medical Academy Panel  Fellow
Madinah Mohamad (Malaysia) Former ISTIC Governing Board member/former Secretary General, Ministry of Higher Education, Science Fellow
Noorul Ainur Nur (Malaysia) Former ISTIC Governing Board member/former Secretary General, Ministry of Higher Education, Science Fellow
Rafee Yusoff (Malaysia) Former Director, Group Strategic Planning, Islamic Development Bank, Jeddah Fellow
Rafiah Salem (Malaysia)  ISTIC STI Advisory Council member/former UN Under Secretary General/Former ViceChancellor University Malaya Fellow
Ramzah Dambul (Malaysia) Deputy Secretary General, Ministry of Science Technology and Innovation Malaysia  Fellow
Rosalind Ganendra (Malaysia)  Executive Director, Minconsult Fellow
Samsudin Tugiman (Malaysia)  Former Chair, ISTIC Governing Board/Former ASM Secretary General  Fellow
Seah Kian Hoe (Malaysia) Managing Director, Heng Hiap Industries Fellow
Tan Yean Chin (Malaysia) Past President, Institution of Engineers Malaysia/Secretary General, FEIAPn Fellow
Yim Hon Wa (Malaysia)  Director, Institution of Engineers Malaysia Training Centre, Malaysia  Fellow
Yong Ah Huat (Malaysia) AAET Fellow/former Deputy Chairman, Toshiba T&D Systems Asia Fellow
Yong Hoi Sen (Malaysia)  ASM Senior Fellow/AAET Fellow Fellow
Yusoff Sulaiman (Malaysia)  President, Malaysia Industry Government Group for High Technology (MIGHT)/ASM Fellow Fellow
Zaidee Laidin (Malaysia) Former ISTIC Executive Committee member/Secretary General, ASM/President,Malaysian Board of Technologists Fellow
Zakri Abdul Hamid (Malaysia) ISTIC STI Advisory Council member/former Science Advisor to Prime Minister, Malaysia Fellow
Jorge Spitalnik (Brazil)  ISTIC Governing Board member/President, WFEO  Fellow
Luiz Carlos Scavarda do Carmo (Brazil)  Fellow API/Professor, Pontifical University of Rio  Fellow
Rita Moura Fortes (Brazil)  Fellow API/Professor of Civil Engineering Fellow Fellow
Jorge Chediek (Argentina) Special Advisor to UN Secretary General on South-South Cooperation/Executive Director, UNOSSC Fellow
Norma Sbarbati Nudelman (Argentina) Plenary Professor, University of Buenos Aires/Fellow, National Academy of Exact,Physical and Natural Sciences Fellow
Rodolfo Biasca (Argentina)  President Biasca & Associates Inc/Fellow, Pan American Academy of Engineering (API) Fellow
Jessica Pizarro (Chile) General Secretary Board of Accreditation, Chile  Fellow
Jorge Yutronic Fernandez (Chile)  Former ISTIC Governing Board member/former Rector University of the Americas  Fellow
Heng Sokbil (Cambodia)  AAET Fellow  Fellow
Meas Sokhom (Cambodia) AAET Fellow Fellow
Gulsun Saglamer (Turkey)  ISTIC Governing Board member/Former Rector, Istanbul Technical University  Fellow
Yusuf Baran (Turkey) Founding Council member, Islamic Young Academy of Sciences  Fellow
Goolam Mohamedbai (Mauritius)  Former President, International Association of Universities  Fellow
Nadia Daby-Seeseram (Mauritius)  Former President, Institution of Engineers Mauritius  Fellow
Foo Say Wei (Singapore)  AAET Fellow/former President Institution of Engineers Singapore Fellow
Jackie Ying (Singapore)  Executive Director, Institute of Bioengineering and Nanotechnology, Singapore New Appointed Fellow 7052018
Poo Aun Neow (Singapore)  AAET Fellow Fellow
Tan Seng Chuan (Singapore) Chair APEC Engineers Coordinating Committee/former FEIAP President Fellow
Faouzia Charfi (Tunisia)  ISTIC Governing Board member/Professor of Physical Sciences  Fellow
Kamel Ayadi (Tunisia)  WFEO Past President New Appointed Fellow 7052018
Olfa Mahjoub (Tunisia)  Founder Council member Islamic Young Academy of Sciences  Fellow
Denis Nkala (Zimbabwe)  UNOSSC Regional Director for Asia and the Pacific, Bangkok  Fellow
Martin Manuhwa (Zimbabwe) Vice President of the World Federation of Engineering Organisations (WFEO) and Chair of the WFEO Anti-Corruption Committee New Appointed Fellow 7052018
KunMo Chung (Korea) Former Science and Technology Minister Korea Foreign Fellow
Youngah Park (Korea)  Former President, KISTEP Foreign Fellow
Bruce Michael Alberts (USA) Former President Obama Science Envoy to Indonesia Foreign Fellow
Jeffrey Sachs (USA)  UN Sec-Gen Advisor on the SDGs Foreign Fellow
Sonia Sachs (USA) Director of Health, Millennium Villages Project Foreign Fellow
Deborah L. Wince-Smith (USA) President, Global Competitiveness Council  Foreign Fellow
Ninatubu Lema (Tanzania)  ISTIC Governing Board member/President, Engineers Registration Board, Tanzania  Fellow
Steve Mlote (Tanzania)  Former Registrar, Engineers Registration Board Tanzania Fellow
Mehdi Keshmiri (Iran)  President, Isfahan Science and Technology Town (ISTT)  Fellow
Mohammad Javad Omidi (Iran) Director, UNESCO Isfahan Regional Centre for Technology Incubators & Science Park Development Fellow
Lydia Tansinsin (Philippines) Founder President ASEAN Federation of Engineering Organisations (AFEO)/ Fellow AAET Fellow
Maria Natalia Dimaano (Philippines)  AAET Fellow  Fellow
Romulo R Agatep (Philippines) AAET Council member Fellow
William Padolina (Philippines)  ISTIC Governing Board member/President, National Academy of S&T Philippines/former Secretary for S&T Fellow
Abdalla A. Alnajjar (United Arab Emirate) Former ISTIC Governing Board member/President & CEO, Arab Science and Technology Foundation Fellow
Nadia M. Alhasani (UAE) ISTIC Governing Board member/former Dear of Women and Science Engineering, the Petroleum Institute, Fellow
  Abdul Sattar Al-Taie (Qatar) Former ISTIC Governing Board member/Director of Qatar National Research Fund Fellow
  Abdullah Shams Bin Tariq (Bangladesh) Founding Council member, Islamic Young Academy of Sciences  Fellow
  Alejandro Cruz Molina (Costa Rica) Former ISTIC Governing Board member/former Minister of Science and Technology,Costa Ricca Fellow
  Bindu Lohani (Nepal)  Former Vice President, Asian Development Bank  Fellow
  Bohdan Krawchenko (Kyrgyz)  Director General, University of Central Asia  Fellow
  Cong-Thang Huynh (Vietnam) Co-Founder cum General Director, Vicgo-Golden Victory  Fellow
  Guillermo Fernández (Mexico) President, Mexico-USA Science Foundation Foreign Fellow
Harold Ramkisson (Caribbean)  ISTIC Governing Board member/Senator, Trinidad and Tobago  Fellow
  Jauad El Kharraz (Morocco)  Founder Council member Islamic Young Academy of Sciences  Fellow
  Javier Carvajal (Ecuador)  Professor, Pontifical Catholic University Ecuador  Fellow
  Kazawadi Papias Dedeki (Rwanda)  President, Institution of Engineers Rwanda New Appointed Fellow 7052018
  Kusainova Lazzat (Kazakhstan) Lawyer and Scientist, Chairman of the Committee of Science and Innovation,International organization Expo & Women, Kazakhstan New Appointed Fellow 7052018
  Lidia Brito (Mozambique) former ISTIC Executive Member member/Director, UNESCO Regional Science Bureau for Latin America and the Caribbean) Fellow
  Marlene Kanga (Australia) President WFEO Foreign Fellow
  Mohamed-Slim Alouini (Saudi Arabia) Professor of Electrical Engineering, King Abdullah University of Science and Technology,Saudi Arabia New Appointed Fellow 7052018
  Naji M. Al-Mutairi (Kuwait) Former ISTIC Governing Board member/Director General, Kuwait Institute for Scientific Research Fellow
  Nico Barito (Seychelles)  ISTIC Governing Board member/Seychelles President’s Special Envoy to ASEAN  Fellow
Niranjanier Ratnayake  President, Institution of Engineers Sri Lanka New Appointed Fellow 7052018
  Ousmane Kane (Senegal) Former ISTIC Governing Board member/former Executive Director, African Regional Centre for Technology Fellow
  Peggy Oti-Boateng (Ghana) ISTIC Governing Board member/former Director, Technology Consultancy Centre,College of Engineering, Nkrumah University of Science and Technology, Fellow
  Pratarp Singh (Fiji) President, South Pacific Engineers Association New Appointed Fellow 7052018
  Raida S. K. Al-Alawi (Bahrain)  Dean of Student Affairs, Ahlia University, Bahrain New Appointed Fellow 7052018
Sharifah Maimunah Syed Zin Director of ISTIC/ASM Fellow Fellow
  Stephen Simukanga (Zambia) Vice President, Engineering Institute of Zambia  New Appointed Fellow 7052019
  Vijaya Kumar (Sri Lanka) former ISTIC Governing Board member/President, Sri Lanka Academy of Scences/former Chair, UN Fellow