Start the artificial intelligence industry college project-Forum on artificial intelligence advances international talent training was held in BeiJing

On November 2nd,the first “artificial intelligence and robot education forum” sponsored by Chinese Society of Educational Development Strategy was held in Zhongguancun Internet Education Innovation Center.More than 300 domestic and international experts and scholars of artificial intelligence education,included the fourth and fifth chairman of Chinese Society of Artificial Intelligence professor Zhong YiXin,national key research and development plan robot general expert group member professor Sun Fuchun and so on,together discussed the technology development, theoretical exploration, industrial development policy and innovative applications in the educational context of artificial intelligence development.

The sub-forum on artificial intelligence advances international talent training organized by Sugon Ruiyi education group was successfully held in this forum after several months of preparation.The sub-forum attracted nearly 100 domestic and international experts and scholars from different industry-university-research fields,put forward the design scheme of the artificial intelligence industry-university-research cooperation, and discussed how to build the artificial intelligence industry-university-research ecology and the prospect of its international development.



Mr.Xie Ou,chairman of the sub-forum,general manager of Sugon Ruiyi education group, expressed that since 2016, Sugon Ruiyi education group has been carried out Data@China Hundred Universities Project in nearly hundred colleges or universities throughout China which aims at big data industry-university-research ecology construction, and accumulated rich experience in big data talent training, industry application and ecology construction,Sugon Ruiyi education group is also actively to develop the field of artificial intelligence industry-university-research ecology construction,in view of the rapid development of artificial intelligence industry.



On the basis of Data@China Hundred Universities Project construction in the early stage,Sugon Ruiyi education group continues to further build the artificial intelligence industry college project of industry-university-research ecology, and put forward the top-level design of “three combination and four main bodies” of artificial intelligence industry college.”Four main bodies”  are universities, the ministry of education of China, research institutes and leading enterprises of science and technology,”three combination”includes the combination of domestic and international,the combination of inside and outside universities and colleges(that is, the combination of university and industry), and the combination of industry-university-research.

It is reported that in order to build the artificial intelligence industry-university-research ecology, Sugon Ruiyi education group has introduced many industrial and scientific research partners including Shanghai mathematics center, Shenzhen Institutes of Advanced Technology,Chinese Academy of Sciences, Lenovo Group, Dawning Information Industry Co., Ltd. and so on.

Mr.Xu Guiqiu,Operations director of Sugon Ruiyi education group further pointed out that on the basis of application-oriented talent training experience of Data@China Hundred Universities Project,Sugon Ruiyi education group proposed a talent training system for the field of artificial intelligence.



On the one hand, through the in-depth cooperation between universities and enterprises, universities and enterprises participate collaboratively in talent training program formulation, textbook compilation, teaching, project practice, and teaching management and evaluation.On the other hand is to integrate new generation of artificial intelligence technology into teaching, set up the three levels classroom based on ubiquitous learning idea, one is to use big data and artificial intelligence technology to transform traditional offline classroom,the second is to form the online classroom by various interactive teaching resources,the third is Ruiyi workshop which focuses on project participation and application innovation.Sugon Ruiyi education group is keep working on how to promote the development of “learning” in the artificial intelligence industry-university-research ecology construction in the concept of talent training idea and way.



In order to establish the layout of artificial intelligence industry-university-research ecology of combination of domestic and international,Dato Lee Yee Cheong,the president of AETDEW(The Academy of Engineering and Technology of the Developing World)was specially invited to give a keynote speech.According to the speech,the AETDEW,whose formation was supported and proposed by the UNESCO International Science, Technology and Innovation Centre for South-South Cooperation (ISTIC)  and Sugon Ruiyi education group jointly initiated the Digital @ B&R Double Hundred Universities Cooperation Program (DHUCP).In the future, the two sides will also carry out international cooperation in the field of artificial intelligence to serve “the Belt and Road”international talent training.



It is impossible to establish an international engineering education system that can serve “the Belt and Road”strategy to work behind closed doors or try to locate something by following up a clue,there must be full dialogue and mutual learning between domestic and international education circles.“The Belt and Road” countries’ engineering education experts were invited to participate in the dialogue.Professor Mohd Rusllim bin Mohamed of Malaysia Board of Technologists(MBOT) introduced the industry association, skill training and educational certification mechanism in Malaysia. In the future,MBOT will cooperate with chinese universities to carry out engineering capability certification in new technology fields,relying on the international development of artificial intelligence industry college.



Dr.Qu qiang,from forward-looking science and technology center of Shenzhen Institutes of Advanced Technology,Chinese Academy of Sciences,analyzed the industrial technology status and development trend of block chain + artificial intelligence application.According to the report, Shenzhen Institutes of Advanced Technology will provide scientific research and application projects to universities and cooperate with universities to develop industrial application services in the construction process of artificial intelligence industry college.

The participating college leaders and education experts expressed strong interest in Dr.Qu qiang’s interpretation of the latest trends in industrial technology application and held a heated discussion. They all agreed that the industrial application of artificial intelligence is a critical but relatively weak part of the current industry-university-research ecology construction.



Mr.Huang Daqian,President of Guangdong Baiyun University,shared the mode exploration and thinking of the industry college construction in Guangdong Baiyun University.According to the introduction,Sugon big data college of Guangdong Baiyun University,through university-enterprise co-construction of major, co-construction of curriculum,textbook and teaching staff, collaborative development of application projects,butt joint with local industry,achieved outstanding results in serving local economy and promoting students innovation and entrepreneurship,has become one of the first 10 model industry colleges in Guangdong province.



Mr.Meng Xianwei,President of Sugon big data college of Liaoning Institute Of Science And Technology,introduced in detail the specific plans and achievements of the college in building big data and artificial intelligence industry-university-research ecology.Through constructing “university-government-industry-enterprise” 4 sides’ collaborative education platform,Sugon big data college focuses on serving local economies,made bold changes to the traditional teaching,realized the course teaching content’s butt joint with the occupation standard,major settings’s butt joint with industry requirements,the practice teaching process’s butt joint with the actual production process,attracted Benxi Iron & Steel (Group) Co., Ltd. and other local large enterprises to establish close relations of cooperation with Sugon big data college.

Mr.Xie Ou,general manager of Sugon Ruiyi education group, expressed that in 2016,Sugon Ruiyi education group started Data@China Hundred Universities Project construction(at that time, there was no big data major in China),after three years of construction,Data@China Hundred Universities Project,has become an important Chinese big data industry-university-research cooperation alliance.

With the artificial intelligence technology and industry highlights and the integration with big data,Sugon Ruiyi education group follows the development trend of the industry and education,put forward the design of artificial intelligence industry college,introduced leading science-and-technology enterprises and scientific research institutions partners, established application-oriented talent training system of artificial intelligence and completed the corresponding curriculum resources,in the future will together with domestic universities, constantly enrich the teaching resources,carry out collaborative research and develop regional industry application, constantly enrich the connotation of this industry-university-research ecology.