Professor Shi ZuMei, Visited AETDEW and Attended ISTIC Forum

ON July 22, 2019, Prof. Shi ZuMei,Expert of DHUCP, attended ISTIC Maintenance of Infrastructure Forum in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.



Prof. Shi ZuMei, on behalf of DHUCP, gave a keynote speech to the participants on the forum. Prof.Shi introduced the project background, current progress and future plans. Participants showed great enthusiasm and response.



After the meeting, Professor Shi met with AETDEW President Dato’Lee Yee Cheong. Two parties had exchanged viewpoints on the future development of the DHUCP project. Dato’Lee Yee Cheong hoped that DHUCP project can be landed in the national universities along the B&R countries. The educational circles in Pakistan, Burma and other countries are very interested in the DHUCP project. Prof. Shi expressed his gratitude to AETDEW President Dato’Lee Yee Cheong and believed that with the strong support of AETDEW, the future of DHUCP projects will be encouraging.



Former Vice Minister of Education of China, Ms. Wu Qidi, also participated in the forum and made an important speech. She had friendly talks with Professor Shi and Dato’Lee of DHUCP project. Expressed support and expectations for the project.