Professor ShiZuMei,visited Pakistan Engineering Council

ON March 4, 2019,Professor ShiZuMei,Expert of DHUCP visited Pakistan Engineering Council.

Mr.Nasir Mahmood Khan,Director of Pakistan Engineering Council extended a warm welcome for the visit of Professor Shi, Professor Shi concluded his activities in Pakistan in recent days, he said, he got a lot of gains from the visit to Pakistan, he had a whole new perspective on DHUCP, he formed a clear idea in his mind about the next step,hopes to put it into practice as soon as possible.

Mr.Nasir Mahmood Khan introduced the activities carried out by Pakistan Engineering Council in the past five years, which Professor Shi spoke highly of.Mr.Nasir Mahmood Khan  expressed some thoughts on DHUCP.The purpose of Pakistan Engineering Council is “Continuous, Professional and Development”, he said, Pakistan Engineering Council would like to work together with DHUCP on the development of “the Belt and Road” countries’ digital technology.He expects that 4-5 special workgroups be established by DHUCP in Pakistan in different areas, the workgroups will associate colleges,universities, local enterprises and government in the future, to promote the talent training and industry application service, pull more organizations and institutions into the circle,increase influence, expand the scope of DHUCP.Professor Shi highly appreciated this idea.